Welcome! Saturn Sixteen is a queer operated collective providing hair services and tooth gems in a comfortable and private environment. We strive to inspire and take our clients into another world visually while creating a space that is down to earth, active, and mindful. We want to share our love of art and music in a space that is deeply personal and in touch with the world around us. Each artist runs their businesses individually while collaborating on events and curation. We hope that the love and intentionality we have put into this space is reflected in your experience. <3

Lee Ratt (she/they)

Lee is an Aquarius, visual artist, and born and raised New Yorker. They received their education at Aveda Institute and Badlands Salon and specialize in balayage, blonding, fantasy color, placement color, creative haircuts, shags, and mullets. They are interested in working with your ideal maintenance routine for your lifestyle.

Interests: Heavy Metal, Fantasy, Drag, Horror, Resin Art, Hockey



Elyssa (she/they)

Elyssa is a Colombian and Cuban Libra from south Florida. She has been living in NYC and working in the hair industry for over 10 years. She loves alternative hairstyles, vivids, scalp bleaches, scalp treatments, and recreating things from other decades. She also specializes in long layers, shags, mullets, precision cuts, and toothgems. She hopes to give you hair that will continue looking and making you feel great after you leave.

Interests: Horror, Crocheting, Airbrush Art



Zayn (they/them)

Zayn is Pisces, born and raised in Massachusetts, they have been living and working in NYC for the past 6 years. New to their hair journey, they decided to shift careers at the beginning of the pandemic and go to hair school at ARROJO Cosmetology School. They are a lifelong musician and currently front a Synth-Punk band called Lal. They specialize in creative color, blonding, Asian hair, short-cuts, shags, and mullets. They view hair artistry as a collaborative process and enjoy working with their clients to realize their hair dreams.

Interests: Sci-fi, Radio/Film, Cooking



Jaime (she/her)

Jaime is a Scorpio, born and raised in NY. She received her education at Paul Mitchell and has worked at several salons in the north east. She loves creating hair that is low maintenance and easily worn outside of the salon. Her specialties are blonding, vivids, extensions, 60’s/70’s hairstyles

Interests: Cooking, hanging out with her dog, film



Jessie (they/them)

Jessie is a cancer with a Leo rising! Born and bread in the south and moved to nyc in 2018! Jessie went to aveda institute in chapel hill and did a three year long Toni and guy apprenticeship! Jessie specializes in shags mullets short cuts and barber cuts but also loves a fun blow out! Jessie is really passionate about creating a safe no fuss environment for their clients! Jessie gives low maintenance looks that are hot as hell 🖤 follow on tik tok and ig!